Madame Zombra


“There is something out there. Astrology is like a game of chess with an invisible partner. We set out the board and the rules, make a move, and then find that the pieces are moving themselves, as if by an invisible hand.” —Noel Tyl Intriguing. – MZ

Further study

Dear Readers, It would appear we may be in for a ‘revisit’ of previously-mentioned aspects for several weeks beginning with Christmas week and afterward. I wish to do some more calculations on these aspects, and will return to you with my observations before that time. Until then, remember to take deep breaths during the day …

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An MZ Bulletin

Mercury, the planet of communications, has gone Retrograde today in Scorpio, where it will continue in apparent retreat until Election Day, November 3, 2020. Regular readers of Madame Zombra’s columns will recall Mars is also in apparent Retrograde motion in Aries until November 13, 2020. What may occur under this extremely volatile pair of aspects? …

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