A few things from a recent afternoon

It says passion fruit, we’ll see, but I doubt Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would be drinking Tito’s vodka mixed with LaCroix naturally essenced sparkling water, passion fruit flavor, while checking to see how many likes and followers he has.

“I gave my heart to you, I thought you could use it”
Bruce Andrews, Mars 6
“the daisy follows soft the sun”
Emily Dickinson: Emancipation
“Superstition, too, is a kind of understanding, and to forgo it may have consequences.”
Rosmarie Waldrop
“It was a little tricky to open the doors and hop in with the car moving, but we learned.”
Bobi Conn, In the Shadow of the Valley: A Memoir

“…but family gets a-hold of your heart and starts to twisting, and, well, what comes from that often is not wise.”
Ta-Nahisi Coates, The Water Dancer

And from Death in Venice, by Thomas Mann

“They carried assertions and retractions by turns. The number of cases, the number of deaths, was said to be twenty, or forty, or a hundred and more, such reports being immediately followed by statements flatly denying the outbreak of an epidemic, or at least reducing it to a few quite isolated cases brought in from outside the city. Scattered here and there were warning admonitions, or protests against the dangerous policy being pursued by the Italian authorities. There was no certainty to be had. “

“…such corruption in high places, combined with the prevailing insecurity, the state of crisis into which the city had been plunged by the death that walked its streets, led at the lower social levels to a certain breakdown of moral standards, to an activation of the dark and antisocial forces, which manifested itself in intemperance, shameless license and growing criminality.”

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