And She was Just the Neatest Gal

She deodorized her apartment with the perfumed strips from fashion magazines she took from the free bin at the library, waving them around like streamers, singing in her babyest voice.

Well, what is the pain scale for being called a bad mom, for posting X-rated photos next to a picture of her son receiving the perfect attendance award at school? Children’s protective service removed him from the home. 

What happened was, about the time everybody at Tan and Nail Heaven where she worked started reaching out, her ex, the kid’s father, shows up at her job, Bulgarian snakeskin boots hitting the ground like whips. She was off that day, and her co-workers texted her that he’d been there looking for her.

The text stayed unread on her phone.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department said deputies responded to the 600 block of Kellogg Street at around 4:45 p.m. and found a woman with significant trauma to her body. The woman was declared dead by officials at the scene.

She was one of the neatest gals I ever knew.

(photo of artwork by Marlene Dumas)