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“Driving me lonely, crazy and blue.” —-Dwight Yoakam

From Egypt to the Pacific Northwest, from the winery to the lighthouse, from gowns to golf shoes, the name present participle is a noun, but a present participle itself is a form of verb, ending in -ing in English, like a line of girls sunbathing on the sand (some of them may’ve seen old people before).

Joan Retallack: “The contemporary moment is difficult. It’s been difficult for every contemporary throughout history because it has so much that is unprecedented, that we don’t know how to respond to. And our habitus, as Pierre Bourdieu puts it, is designed in and for other (earlier) times. Our ways of thinking, our forms of understanding, are always slipping out of date on some level. Many things remain useful for parts of the contemporary, but not all of the contemporary. There’s always, I think, a bad fit between what is new and what has changed — is changing rapidly now — because we’re all experiencing, have been for most of a century, a radically accelerating, radically changing contemporary.”

My post virus content is the wokest, as you can see it has institutional critique all over it, decolonialism, and answers to race, class, gender and inclusion. Cultural lenses pointing every which way, like the eyes of Argus, and a sleep number that is below zero.

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