Can’t Stop the Beat

Skunk. (She’s a girl.)

No matter what else may be going on, here in the northern hemisphere it is spring. Lizards are ubiquitous and mad with lust. The news isn’t even reporting it.

Sunlight arrived at the orchard and was checked in by California quail, Nuttall’s woodpecker busy working on the bamboo fence. The orchard consists of five fruit trees, a birdseed feeding station, a bird bath giraffe lawn sculpture, and a couple of lawn chairs.

One tree is an apricot, and the fruit is just starting to go from green to apricot.  The grapefruit is producing nothing, but every now and again it smells beautiful. The cherry tree has three cherries (hear the clanking!), the pomegranate is insanely beautiful, wildly under control, and the tangerine seems to be a perennial.

And every so often the neighbor’s black cat named Skunk. (Skunk’s a girl.)

Shop talk:

Went to revise something and didn’t see much worth revising, or keeping. What had I been thinking about when I closed up shop last night confident in my progress? What had I been thinking about period, for the last fifty years?

So I went through the motions. I think there’s more going through the motions in writing than most writers had planned on. Some call it grunt work. Whatever. In my opinion, those willing to do it have a better chance at success.

You have to go all in for the project; to the extent you don’t, you fail. Even if you win. If you win and haven’t put your all into it, you failed to get the full benefit of the win. If you go all in and fail, well, we all fail ultimately, at least you went all in. But if you’re all in and you win, you win unequivocally.

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