Key Numbers

Closed beta currently running tests,
Bringing data together across clouds.

Deploying a million semifinalists,
Each with a movement background.

Spending is trending, 
All avatars, all powers

Fighting for lower prescription drug prices and
Attacking climate change.

Have Ring Light—Will Influence.
Closing costs turned into art songs.

Choose your interactive experience
From latex to Latinx ethnonyms,

Symptoms and signs to
Creative branding,

Silver petals five wide,
Consistently reaching #1.

With cryptocurrency on the white market, and 
Canna butter kept hidden in a fuse box on the third level,

We’ll be getting boosters at 7-Eleven going forward.
And there won’t be any more wipes. 

The staple gun stops shooting when there are four staples left
So it doesn’t shoot empty.

With that said, try not to tire yourself out
Prior to launch.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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