La Revue de Cuisine

“The marriage of Pot and Lid is in danger of being broken up by the suave Twirling Stick. Pot succumbs to his flattery. Dishcloth makes eyes at Lid but is challenged to a duel by Broom. Pot, however, tires of Twirling Stick and longs for Lid’s caresses, but Lid cannot be found anywhere. Suddenly an enormous foot appears from the wings and kicks him back on stage. Pot and Lid kiss and make up and, flirting once again, Twirling Stick goes off with Dishcloth.”

This is the plot of a ballet, music written by Bohuslav Martinů in 1927. Three years later the composer put together a suite drawn from the ballet music and premiered it in Paris. To hear the suite, clickà  Bohuslav Martinů – La revue de cuisine.

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