Leading With Diplomacy

The three famous maxims from George Orwell’s 1984 are:

War is peace

Freedom is slavery

Ignorance is strength

I’m adding a fourth for our time:

Weaponry is diplomacy

And here’s why.

“A State Department spokesperson said the air-to-air missile sale is ‘fully consistent with the Administration’s pledge … to lead with diplomacy (emphasis mine) to end the conflict in Yemen while also ensuring Saudi Arabia has the means to defend itself from Iranian-backed Houthi air attacks’”. 

Biden administration approves $650m weapon sale to Saudi Arabia | Weapons News | Al Jazeera

Biden Breaks Campaign Promise, Approves Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia (truthout.org)

Biden’s broken promise on Yemen (brookings.edu)

Tell Congress to Block New Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia! (codepink.org)

But wait? What’s this? Senators Rand Paul AND Bernie Sanders? And Mike Lee?

Senators make bipartisan push to block $650M weapons sale to Saudis (msn.com)

Biden’s Weapon Sale to Saudi Arabia Sends the Wrong Message on Human Rights | Opinion (msn.com)

Weaponry is diplomacy

Weaponry is diplomacy

Weaponry is diplomacy

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