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“Oceanside it ends the ride…”Tom Waits – “Diamonds On My Windshield” – YouTube

Joan Tower, Piano Concerto

Joan Tower, Night Fields

George Russell – On Air (1970 – Live Recording) – YouTube

Andrew Norman, Play

Hannah Kozak

George Rickey, Two Rectangles, Vertical Gyratory Up (V) – Gibbs Farm

The Art of Dancheong painting buildings (

Lois Mailou Jones – Wikipedia

Al Young Obit

(NY Times by Neil Genzlinger, 04/23/2021)

Though he was a scholar himself, Mr. Young was not the kind of poet whose works must be scrutinized by scholars to discern their meaning, and he was not a fan of that sort of poetic elitism.

“The more your poetry offers an opportunity for professors to teach and explain, the bigger your reputation,” he told The San Luis Obispo Tribune in 2008. “If you write for people directly, they don’t have much use for you.”

He also thought that confessional poetry, in vogue in recent decades, had its limits.

“There is only so much you can say about yourself that will be interesting,” he told Appalachian Today, the online publication of Appalachian State University, in advance of an appearance there in 2017.

He would urge students and other audiences to write poems that explored the world around them.

Damion Searles, writer and translator

“I don’t have conscious strategies here, besides just trying to make it sound good — revisions and ear are about all I’ve got.”

Hugh Levick, composer, musician, event organizer

“We’re making some progress, but the culture is not moving in the direction of projects that demand a certain concentration to be appreciated.”

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