Shop Talk: Fun With Forebears

Juan Gris
 O Black and Unknown Bards such as James Weldon Johnson.
 Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven 1874-1927.
 A title, “A Dozen Cocktails—Please”
 Says it all. Plus this, the ending of another poem:
 Sh—Sh— —
 The monumental Robert Frost.
 The road not taken seldom has good travel plazas.
 Gertrude Stein it goes without saying but also 
 Sarah N. Cleghorn and her “Comrade Jesus.”
 Adelaide Crapsey 1878-1914.
 A syllable system resulting in five line poems.
 Carl Sandburg 1876-1967.
 Wrote a poem about Adelaide, and also wrote a poem titled
 “On a Flimmering Floom You Shall Ride.”
 Carl Dadgum Sandburg. 
 On a Flimmering Floom You Shall Ride
 by Carl Sandburg
 Nobody noogers the shaff of a sloo.
 Nobody slimbers a wench with a winch
 Nor higgles armed each with a niggle
 and each the flimdrat of a smee,
 each the inbiddy hum of a smoo.
 Then slong me dorst with the flagdarsh.
 Then creep me deep with the crawbright.
 Let idle winds ploodaddle the dorshes.
 And you in the gold of the gloaming
 You shall be sloam with the hoolriffs.
 On a flimmering floom you shall ride.
 They shall tell you bedish and desist.
 On a flimmering floom you shall ride.