The Cantina Ceiling Fan Slowly Spins…

You been seen a few places together. Minds wander, eyes turn censorious, dogmatic, stern, straitened. You got this far successfully, so something’s working in your favor but…

So many people think they are immune, it just isn’t going to happen to them; not that it can’t, it just isn’t going to. Smug right up to the very end.

Their mind is constantly running, and the thinking is mostly about themselves. When their brain stops to take a breath, then it’s my turn to talk. And what I say doesn’t even phase them, I can see that in the glazed look in their eyes. And then they’re back to their own thing.

How many girls for every boy in Surf City? I’m in that conversation with Janice, miniature golf champion and amateur philologist. Wish they all could be California gulls.

She’s one of them. But her dramas bore me. Their scope is limited. Same old shit. Emoting doesn’t become her, but she does a lot of it. Habits of over-elaboration: Not every occurrence in your life is an epic story. Where you are at any given time is not the center of the universe.

It’s true though: you can’t compete against possessive pronouns. Deep reaction, drama, emoting what they’ve done, all forgotten later except as bragging rights.

© 2020 Randy Stark

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  1. “Where you are at any given time is not the center of the universe.”
    Can I print that on the back of small cards to hand out to people?

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