The Truth About the Inflation Reduction Act

The “massive, sweeping, historic, unprecedented, transformational” etc., etc., piece of legislation known as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has been signed into law.

Senator Sanders from Vermont voted in favor of the IRA, but, before the Senate approved the bill, he rose to give an honest analysis of what’s in—and not in—the legislation.

“Let us be clear…this is an extremely modest piece of legislation that does virtually nothing to address the enormous crises that working families all across this country are facing today.”

Here’s the link to Senator Sanders’ speech. And remember, he voted Yes on the bill.

LIVE: The Good and the Bad of the Inflation Reduction Act – YouTube

You won’t hear that from the White House or the Dems or the left mainstream media and you will not hear it either from the Repubs or the right mainstream media.

It’s worth your time to watch. Watch it at lunchtime, or after dinner. And remember as you are listening, Senator Sanders voted IN FAVOR of the bill. He voted YES. But he is also forthright and intellectually honest enough to discuss what the legislation actually is, and isn’t.