This is what it looks like here. How are things out your way?

(Spring in Town, by Grant Wood)

I rent a room in the place on the hill off to the right. You can see the owners out in the yard. I’m inside, reading or writing or listening to music or thinking lofty artsy thoughts.

And shame on me for not knowing this: first women only spacewalk October 2019, and again in January 2020. Same two astronauts: Christina Koch and Jessica Meir. I watched a video of them being interviewed while they were on the International Space Station. The way they flipped the microphone to each other in weightlessness, very cool.

In literature, music, and art, such as Elvis speaking in a Zippy cartoon by Bill Griffith: “You know what makes me feel hopeful? The fact that post-millennials have never even heard of me.”

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