(Th)oughts on (Em)power(ment)

The photo above is art work by one of my favorite artists, Betye Saar, and is titled “The Liberation of Aunt Jemima.”

Most of the women I’ve worked with in my career, if you tried some Matt Lauer or Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein boorishness with them, what they would do is, first they would knock you on your butt and then they’d go to Human Resources and file a complaint against you.

And speaking of the dignity of labor, how well we know, says Bruno Latour, “even in the analysis of a very menial job:  constant adjustments have to be done for any course of action to be carried through to its completion; but it is exactly as true at the top (except of course organization has no ‘top’ but only rooms in which the buck sometimes stops) where “constant adjustments” are now called, depending on the characters of the leaders, ‘innovation’, ‘flexibility’, ‘charisma’…”

Or as Bruce Belder puts it, a little less tenderly: “We have to work to create a society where people like Prince Andrew cannot exist.”