Whassup Chill?

 Save the oceans, feed the world.
She got on with
Fish and Game.
Are you getting
Priority boarding?
A free checked bag?
Plus all the care and
Benefits you need?
How’s your new refrigerator?
On the news they said
For the kneadiest of the needy
Not to use unnecessary bandwith
For phony baloney reaching out
That is nothing other than begging.
They said everything happens for a reason.
The groom was a strip mall heir.
The bride’s torso’s here, her head’s over there
Spinning like the blades on Chopper Seven.
Trust me, it’s the same story with white people.
Taxes and prescription drugs.
Golf tournaments.
A little Chevy pickup truck
Checks a lot of boxes.
Excellent handling.
Great response.
So I figure, well,
For me, anyway.
I’ve done all the forgiving I plan on doing.
A light carbon footprint was never my intent,
It just worked out that way.
Yeah it’s funny how
Hog killing time becomes
Bacon crisps and bacon chewies
Seeing as everything’s
The randystarkocene.
Last person out please dock the Roomba.

© 2020 Randy Stark

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