Woman with a Fan

Woman with a Fan, by Jean Metzinger
 Unlike impressionable young birds 
 Who fall in love with phone alarm beeping.
 She actually thought about things.
 She didn’t float on received opinions. 
 She bade me walk ahead.
 We entered a room.
 She showed me to a chair.
 She said something very interesting:
 The pandemic caused us to disintegrate
 Like a crossword puzzle in a windstorm.
 Building immunity should have been the focus;
 Instead, we were told to avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
 Now, putting it back together we will find
 Some of the pieces have changed shape.
 Spectacle has been superseded.
 What really matters looks like
 It has eaten nothing 
 But chicken and rice and broccoli
 For the past year and a half.
 Some people are like Huh?
 Do-over won’t be smooth;
 Recognizable, like a cubist picture,
 But not the way it was. Imagine 
 What Los Angeles will look like, reassembled.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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