“The Ascension” by Andrea Mantegna, 1462

How much relevance does William Wordsworth’s poetry have today? What will be its relevance at the start of the next century, when, for example, the city of Lagos, Nigeria, is projected to have eighty million people living in its region? I will address this obliquely on 06/20/2020 both here at Head Light and at Stark Impressions.

Why are so many of us obsessed with the opinions tweeted or posted by celebrities? I have yet to hear of an expert in evolutionary biology, for example, quit her job and become a pop singer who then opines on environmental issues. You want talking points on climate change? Read a Nobel winner’s studies, not a Grammy winner’s twitter feed.

To Jesmyn Ward: Did you attend Head Start? What have you been reading recently? How do you know so much?

Have a nice day everybody.

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