This leap year day seems fraught, baffling with all-powerful inanity, ten in a row on power one oh three, while at the intersectionality of the hidden brain’s interior appointments and the invisible moon of Mercury, roughly speaking, red lines are crossed and doublecrossed, viruses and radiation travel with or without impunity, no passport necessary, and the wind is either in finale or else a harbinger of worse. Representationalism and authority are being challenged everywhere.

The mayhem of the northern hemisphere false spring inconveniences, but is not limited to, off roaders, HOV-laners, Internet influencers, advertising ministers, feminists, managers, flunkies, structuralists, postcolonial critics, agency enacters, queer theorists, showrunners, liquidators, vainglorians, nurses and farmworkers, mechanics and caregivers, drug addicts, sex slaves, executives and vice presidents, self-mutilators, construction workers, truck drivers, people with children and dogs and motorcycles and ideas, politicians, master gardeners, movie stars—an international team headed by Don Jethro, the famous identity restoration specialist, explainer and norm entrepreneur.

We are all invasive species with a dream, but because he punches above his weight, increasing his overall lethality and capturing more upside, Don Jethro is ahead on points and rounds. It’s all heavy lifting and stair carry. Young, mature, old, super old. Let the parentheses be your guide. Plus the dating apps. It all depends upon you and your protected characteristics. No idlers, light treaders, soft peddlers or half cafs, pretenders paid from paperwork not point of service. People are creatures of habit, but remember: amphibians are carnivorous, too.

(c) 2020 Randy Stark