Terri Jenkins-Brady

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Terri Jenkins-Brady
Give. Be kind. Keep promises.

First poem, age six. First newspaper staff, age seven. Features Editor, Daily Lobo, (University of New Mexico), editorial assistant/columnist at Prime Time, New Mexico’s most successful seniors publication. Published by Berkley Penguin
(Three Wise Cats – A Christmas Story).

TJ continues writing and honing her craft as majority partner and senior editor at Write Up The Road Media. She writes a ‘Thwarts and all…’ quick read weekly on her website, and flash fiction pieces at WriteUpTheRoad.com. TJ keeps readers and followers updated and entertained with her books and short story collections, her Amazon Authors page and her cat blog.
She intends to write, illustrate and publish until senility.

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A Rainbow ’Round Her Shoulder

Terri Jenkins-Brady © 2020
Money may not buy happiness, but sometimes it can buy revenge.

Price $1.00

Knight and Say

by Terri Jenkins-Brady
A limerick (Rated ‘G’)

Price $0.00

Terri Jenkins Brady

A Writer’s Dream

by Terri Jenkins-Brady, © 2020
A short story about a few days in the life of a writer, unraveled.

Price $2.00

A Piece of Cake

The story describes a remarkable chocolate cake that has everyone in a small town simply craving it - and what happened once they all got a taste of it.

Price $1.00

Scottish Pub Tales

Palindrome sentences or words read the same either frontwards or backwards. They’re not routine nowadays but they can be fun to read and construct. Read these two palindromes aloud in a very broad Scottish brogue to get the full flavor of the tales told in the pub once the suds are circulating.

Price $0.00


Coming Soon!
Something to amaze, dazzle, befuddle, entertain, and/or inform you

Shoemaker & His Selves

An odd Terri Tale in a painfully playful mood – from the Grimm’s sister, perhaps?

Price $1.00