We Three

Used by permission. Copyright 2020, Charles S. Larrabee

Childhood friends, creative partners as adults

We met over six decades ago in pre-Interstate, pre-Internet Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our elementary school and neighborhoods showcased diversity before the concept was even in public awareness. The basic one-script-fits-all TV shows at the time of course didn’t show the real world.

But the real world intervened when Stark’s parents divorced and his mother moved him and his sisters to Southern California. Brady’s family suffered tragedy when his older brother was killed in a terrible car wreck. Jenkins’ parents divorced, remarried, separated, went back together.

How did all of this impact the three of us?

Stark and Brady kept in touch over the years and were beach bum roommates around LA for a time, living in an architecturally-significant gas station among other habitats. Jenkins stayed in Albuquerque, with her Chihuahua and aspirations to be a best-selling writer.

Through plot-worthy coincidence, Stark saw a column written by Jenkins in a newspaper his dad subscribed to and emailed Brady to see if the columnist’s name rang a bell.

In 2000, Brady and Jenkins-Brady married and started Write Up The Road two years later. Stark joined them in their publishing efforts, bravely allowing the amateurs to publish his first collection of poems, “Sympatico Patio!”

The years in between have enabled all of them to polish their skills mightily. Brady has written bestselling trucking business books. Stark has become internationally known for his art criticism, articles and multiple books of poetry. Jenkins-Brady had one book published by Berkley Penguin of NYC and continues her aspirations to be a best-selling writer.

As of today, we three are story tellers, weaving articles, flash fiction, short stories, poetry, books out of our friendship and our hearts into lives rich with words and imagery.
Join us.