A few more basics

Whether you’ve come to a study of astrology because you wish to become a practicing astrologer, or simply to know your planetary challenges and gifts in order to chart your course through life, each path will offer you insights. So, continuing to examine some of the concepts in astrology’s foundation, let’s look at Houses in a Natal Chart.

There are twelve houses in a Natal Chart (or indeed other charts, such as one set up to answer a specific question or analyze compatibility for a couple) and they begin, naturally, with the First House.

The First House contains the chart owner’s Ascendant and may or may not have planets within it as well. A person’s First House may be thought of as the face they show to the public; the outward appearance or the social persona. It depicts the earliest environment for the child and often shows the innate personality.

Continuing around the circle of the chart counter-clockwise, the next 30 degree section will be the Second House. This house shows the personal freedom the native has, as well as the financial situation and the urge to collect possessions. The ability to earn money may also be shown here, and indications of whether the native will save or squander resources.

The Third House is next, and its indications include the siblings of the native, the neighbors and other people seen on a daily or often basis. Naturally, with people entering and leaving the area around the chart owner, communication is a necessity, and this house rules that too. This house rules over books, periodicals, phones, TV, radio, speech and writing and other instruments of sharing thoughts.

A base of operations or a comfortable home is ruled by the Fourth House, and whether the space is orderly or a complete mess may be indicated by the sign of the house and planets within it. You could expect a ‘hunting lodge’ style of décor if the Fourth House if it’s Sagittarius, for example. But whatever the furnishings and the cost of them, that abode will be considered home for at least one person.

The Fifth House is the stage, so to speak, for the chart owner. It’s where creative pursuits will hold sway, and if other facets of personality bear it out, a career in acting may be pursued. A vibrant social life can be indicated, with children or singlehood also signaled. Self-expression is vital for humans, and this house will provide signposts to what may appeal to the native in the arts, social interactions or leisure time.

Work is the hallmark of the Sixth House, with the degree of effort needed often indicated as well as the chart owner’s attitude towards earning a living. Practical tasks and assigned responsibilities are part of pursuing a career or vocation, with each person having to decide exactly how many hours are to be spent working and how many enjoying a change of pace. Keeping fit and healthy is also a major part of this house, for not having the energy or stamina to pursue goals really impacts the entire life and livelihood.

We’ll take up the rest of the Houses next week, and examine the Seventh through the Twelfth Houses accordingly. In the meantime, ask friends or family to provide you with their Sun Sign and any other details which they may know about their charts. It’s always intriguing to see how closely – or not – they match the general depiction of the zodiac signs.

Is it possible that the parallel universes everyone’s talking about lately are actually the houses in existence on other planes?  – MZ