Madame Zombra

Retrograde alert

Yes, our old plague, Mercury in apparent retrograde motion, once again. If we weren’t on the surface of earth, I suppose we wouldn’t see the illusion. But then again, there would surely be another planet apparently retreating from its usual path to be the blame-catcher for minor irritations and major would-be calamities, whatever world we

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Astrology or Art?

Madame Zombra: We apparently have a bit of a controversy here. Administration has been contacted, but has taken a – must I say it? – bit of an ‘ostrich with its head in the sand’ approach, and frankly, not done much to solve the dilemma. A.R.Tist: Whoa! Like, man, let’s not get into bad vibes.

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When the chart native enters the years of 15 to 24, wouldn’t you expect that person to become quite interested in the opposite sex? Of course you would, and – you’d be correct. It seems the teen years especially, are devoted to establishing an outer personality which is the ‘meet and greet’ image presented to

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Several readers have asked for more clarification on some points in previous columns. So let’s put ourselves into a temporary retrograde mode (a little astrology humor) and get a bit more background before we discuss what the Seventh through the Twelfth Houses represent in general. To begin: Every Natal Chart has twelve houses, or twelve

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