Ah, Mercury direct once more

Hopefully by the time you read this column, you’ll have voted and be back in your office, at your job or at home, able to kick off your shoes and think of other things. Not of ships and sails and ceiling wax…

Mercury resuming its forward motion on Election Day does have a tinge of irony added to it. But let’s consider how you may gain advantage and turn Mercury’s influences into something nicely profitable for yourself.

First of all, those contracts that had to wait to be finalized should be critically examined once more and then signed, if that action is still warranted. You’ll have roughly the next three months to either fund foundations for those same contracts or else use other peoples’ money to your business advantage. A word of caution, however – don’t overextend your credit or make rash promises. After all, Covid 19 is still with us and sequestration seems to be a healthy alternative to working in the world at large – you may need funds and time to set supplies and creature comforts aside for your family.

Also give yourself a two or three week ‘grace period’ in which to adjust your circadian rhythm and meal times, sleep hours, etc. Having just returned to ‘normal’ hours, allow a little time daily to just savor the moment and a good cup of coffee or a quick phone call to a loved one.

Remember, the old adage that ‘nothing lasts forever’ has to apply to the coronavirus too. We will figure ways to halt its spread, help those who contract it recover more quickly and completely, and relegate it to the annals of Hideous Historical Periods we lived through, emerging as a cohesive society once again.

Consider making Thanksgiving this year into a Day of Reconcilement : apply fewer labels to people at first meeting, work with the neighbors to improve everyone’s residence while keeping social distancing, explain to your kids that it’s no longer acceptable to call names, threaten or ostracize people who don’t look like themselves. A fist can never be a helping hand.

We have to be and build our own better world. Peace unto you and yours.    – MZ