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FEEL FREE TO WRITE MY BIOGRAPHY   Just leave me out of it.     WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?   He yelled at me. In Spanish.     SANCTIONS   Always sweeping, ever so stiff.     IF YOU’RE HAVING TROUBLE VIEWING THIS EMAIL   You deserve more from your points.     THE …

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Bird Count

James Tate. Gary Snyder. Anne Sexton. Sylvia Plath. Frank O’Hara. Lisel Mueller. Galway Kinnell. Weldon Kees. Randall Jarrell. Richard Hugo. Allen Ginsberg. Robert Duncan. James Dickey. Robert Creeley. Gregory Corso. Elizabeth Bishop. John Ashberry.   Tradition is they always depart on a certain date. They straggle in but on a certain date they all leave. …

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Three Poems

THE WORST IS OVER UP SOUTH   The sky is local red rock cod. On the horizon a dory sparkles Like sandal straps on B Street. The center of the universe Is over there, somewhere.   I’ve had it with playing catch and release . The outcome is more predetermined than pro wrestling And nowhere …

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Eucalyptus Buttons

LEARN HOW   Watch this video. Earn $200 cash back.     THAT THING BACK EAST   A lot of employees are angry. They’re blaming it on that thing back east.     HUMMINGBIRDS   The little pigs, Siphoning from the oriole feeder, Not nice hosts to our seasonal visitors.     SIMPLY FOREVER   …

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Josè Martí

“To educate is to give man the keys to the world, which are independence and love, and to give him strength to journey on his own, light of step, a spontaneous and free being.” Josè Martí was a prominent leader for Cuban independence and an influential poet; journalist, and newspaper founder, philosopher and professor during …

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Shop Talk

“Oceanside it ends the ride…”Tom Waits – “Diamonds On My Windshield” – YouTube Joan Tower, Piano Concerto Joan Tower, Night Fields George Russell – On Air (1970 – Live Recording) – YouTube Andrew Norman, Play Hannah Kozak George Rickey, Two Rectangles, Vertical Gyratory Up (V) – Gibbs Farm The Art of Dancheong painting buildings (antiquealive.com) …

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