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Richard Wright

Come now upon an online review of a “new” previously unpublished novel, The Man who Lived Underground, by Richard Wright, published 2021 (written 1941or so), and next thing I knew I was at the library and the book fell into my hands. I read it in a day, it was better than I anticipated in …

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A quiet moment

That tiny red and black dot in the photo is a minuscule snail, about the size of the ‘o’ on your computer keyboard. It was chugging along, trekking across the greenhouse plastic wall, and apparently had somewhere it needed or wanted to be that day. So, even a snail has goals. Remarkable.


A FEW FACTS ABOUT CATS Cats don’t say things like Going for all around gold, or Razzle dazzle. The more expensive the food The more your cat will prefer Old pizza crust from under a dumpster. On the other hand, The more expensive the medicine The tastier will be the water from the birdbath. Cats …

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Carl Sagan said …

“That we can now think of no mechanism for astrology is relevant but unconvincing. No mechanism was known, for example, for continental drift when it was proposed by Wegener. Nevertheless, we see that Wegener was right, and those who objected on the grounds of unavailable mechanism were wrong.”     Carl Sagan #Madame Zombra