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At the park Inchoate team Volleyballistas Black girls, brown girls, white girls Being coached Doing drills On a warm southern California winter day after school.   As yester-eve faded into yester-night Totally tagged and bedight Jupiter keeping an eye on its moons With stars like honoraria Each sold separately Constellations like Compounding pharmacists. © 2021 …

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A colorful life

“You know artists – some daubs here, a dab there, and a line or two. But you’re still supposed to stay in the frame and not get paint on the wall. WHAT ?!?!? That’s not being creative, in my canvas. Unless you have paint on your elbows and over the Sherwin-Williams, you’re not really trying. …

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Choice Bits

From Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng, 2017 This: “She turned around, the bowl of popcorn in her hands, and all three of them jumped, as if a piece of furniture had begun to speak.” Or this: “After all, were they not smarter, wiser, more thoughtful and forethoughtful, the wealthiest, the most enlightened? Was it …

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