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Dark Ages

Sometimes an ordinary term for an era is indicative of one or more truths. I learned last week that in the month of May, 1110 AD, classified as part of the Dark Ages, no Moon shone at night. Can you imagine the consternation of the peasants and indeed of the landed lords and other nobility …

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“Every year, back comes Spring, with nasty little birds yapping their fool heads off.” Dorothy Parker

A quiet moment

Is a flower to be called a ‘weed’ just because it grew in the wrong place or at the wrong time? Are there ‘weeds’ in your life that may truly be flowers if you take a second look?

The question

“The question of all questions for humanity, the problem which lies behind all others and is more interesting than any of them, is that of the determination of man’s place in nature and his relation to the cosmos.” T.H. Huxley ‘Once you figure out your place in this world, aided by interpreting the heavens surrounding …

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