Ah, more money talk

Coins on a table top

Last week we began comparing our ‘Yin and Yang’ pairings with Aries and Taurus, so naturally we continue with Gemini (the Twins), and Cancer or Moonchild. These signs have radically different methods for acquiring enough money to be comfortably well-off.

To Geminis, Bitcoins and all they imply are like honey to bees; an element of danger in that tangible assets aren’t being exchanged and the idea of creating something from nothing as computers are forced into compulsory labor to ‘mine’ the units really intrigues both of the Twins. It’s definitely new, absolutely cutting edge in most circles, and puts the third sign of the zodiac in a position to either reap huge financial rewards or lose the proverbial shirts off their backs. Embark on a course of study before really immersing yourself in this new currency, please, so that I may assure my conscience you were indeed warned of pitfalls. And as with any new venture, invest only what you can afford to lose.

The very idea of Bitcoins likely produces heart palpitations in the Moonchild. A monetary unit that has no satisfying ‘heft’ to it, that you cannot hold in your hands or even in a safe deposit box somewhere? Never. Give a Cancer real estate (particularly rental homes), a stamp collection or a chain of nursing homes which are actually quite livable and that Moonchild will be happy. Expect a Cancer to retain ownership of all these money-producing properties, make a decent amount from the sale or trade of some of them, and actually relax into a settled old age instead of worrying about each 10-cent-off coupon he or she can scrounge from the newspapers. Make no mistake, a Moonchild can be a devoted miser, unwilling to spend even enough to be just barely fed, clothed and housed so the savings mount up – but they will invest money in their homes and families.

Odd, isn’t it, that Cancer is usually a Gemini’s Second House of Money and hence could be a signpost for some dull and plebian investments that pay off handsomely throughout the Twins’ lifetime? Items such as annuities, old faithful stocks and even a trust fund set up by an indulgent (and wealthy) relative may have a place in a Gemini’s life after all – but only if the purchase and nurturing of said investments is out of the Gemini’s many busy hands. Otherwise, that secure money may disappear in a spending frenzy or a prolonged vacation in Las Vegas at the card tables. (While the winnings can be breath-takingly high, so are the stakes in any of the card games. Gemini must keep in mind that ‘the house always wins’ and while that isn’t 100% true, it’s very close to it. High-stakes poker should be restricted to those with unusual first or last names. Ever notice how few billionaires gamble?)

Perhaps you should go lie down for a bit, dear Cancer. All of this discussion regarding huge losses and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy has probably left you feeling faint. For a Gemini, it’s immensely stimulating. But for you, as a Moonchild, it’s sheer torture. So let’s change the subject a bit. You find antiques or even antiquities a delight to research, purchase (before the next decorating trend hits) and care for until you may realize a three to four hundred percent profit. Sentiment goes out the stained-glass window when you can hatch another nest egg or two for your old age. (Unless, of course, said antique belonged to a member of your family. In that case, only fire or termites will ever wrest that collectible from your grasp.) You might be supremely happy with your own antiques shop, especially if there’s a particular era of history that you enjoy. Think of Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Harry Potter, and you’ll have an immediate vision of what your shop could look like.

Now, Gemini, while you would enjoy dressing the part of a riverboat gambler, there isn’t much call for such professionals any more, so you’d do well to put that temptation behind you. You’re ruled by Mercury, so any game of chance has a compelling fascination for you, even online gambling. However (there’s always a ‘however’ in my advice; have you noticed?) I would most strongly urge you not to take up gambling as your main source of income. The legend of Lady Luck is just that – a fairy tale – and while you’re usually quite lucky, you cannot reliably maintain a home and family on your winnings. Even family members expect to eat regularly and have a roof over their heads; children need to go to school and have an established routine in order to thrive. If you’re single and intend to stay that way, well, then – all bets are off. (Even Madame Zombra cannot resist silly puns once in a while.)

May your perfect profession find you, no matter your age or education. – MZ

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