An MZ Bulletin

accelerating into space and straight up

Mercury, the planet of communications, has gone Retrograde today in Scorpio, where it will continue in apparent retreat until Election Day, November 3, 2020. Regular readers of Madame Zombra’s columns will recall Mars is also in apparent Retrograde motion in Aries until November 13, 2020.

What may occur under this extremely volatile pair of aspects? Does the phrase, “pouring gasoline on the flames” signify anything in particular to you?

I would advise my readers and all who value the qualities of peace and calm in their lives to quietly extract themselves from political ‘discussions,’ gently refuse to spread malicious gossip and avoid knowingly and repeatedly ‘pushing each other’s buttons’ during these transits. Don’t go back and re-hash old quarrels. Leave your favorite grudges on a cold, barren hillside to die an unmourned death. Think very thoroughly before you reply, and give noncommittal answers when you can. Tread softly, but be open-handed and show your community you aren’t carrying a big stick. Restrict your news bingeing to two hours a day at most. Stay out of unfamiliar neighborhoods; detour around Covid-19 hot spots or civil protest areas. This is simply common sense in today’s world, so don’t expect the absolute worst from any particular situation. Do your part to help the rest of your pod, community or area by remaining positive and staying busy; work from home if you can and be sure to stay in touch with family members and close friends.

I venture to comment that as far as I know, there is no one combination of planetary aspects that truly portends The End of The World. Expect the sun to rise on November 4, and again on November 14, 2020 as a given. We are indeed all in this together, and so we will move forward from the Year 2020 into rebuilding, re-imagining, and creating a better world for us all. – MZ