Another point to consider

Previously, we considered a few of the attributes of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. What I didn’t add at that time, is yet another facet: The United States of America was ‘born’ under the sign of Cancer or Moonchild.

This automatically places planets in Capricorn in opposition to the United States’ Sun by sign. An opposition is a very powerful aspect.

Certainly a Cancer Sun sign is quite different from a Capricorn Sun sign. A Cancer reveres the home and pours much time, money and energy into making it quite comfortable. A Cancer will feed you (even if you’re not really hungry) and ‘mother’ you, whether you want this or not. A Capricorn generally has a practical, no-nonsense type of home, with efficiency and time-saving devices built right in. A Capricorn is not known for a maternal attitude toward anyone but their actual children.

So upon examining the country’s unrest at the moment, we have a yin and yang situation. Some citizens want to preserve the status quo. Others want completely new systems to replace old ones which aren’t functioning in the best interests of all the people. Saturn trying to conserve and preserve, Pluto determined to break apart and destroy.

And America, our homeland, is truly at a crossroads. We can’t keep the status quo. We can’t destroy stores and businesses in a shaky economy that’s sputtering. We can’t continue to lose our fellow citizens’ lives in senseless brutality or to a microscopic foe.

We have to tease out what’s worth saving from the old style of government, our economy, the inherent social contract with services provided by some combination of City Hall and self-reliance. We can’t dismantle everything and then leave fellow citizens in the midst of the shambles. We must start rebuilding trust immediately.

We can calm ourselves and listen more than we talk or shout. We can set aside privilege and customary ways of doing things to embark on the vast adventure of creating a new civilization, in the best sense of the word. Use the tremendous Plutonic forces and the Saturn sense of responsibility and stalwart perseverance to build a new home any Cancer would be proud to own – our homeland, for all present-day Americans and those yet to come.

We must undertake this Herculean task. We cannot lose this chance to not only survive the turmoil but build and grow as better, kinder, more empathetic human beings.  MZ