Madame Zombra

Please join me, Madame Zombra, in the future for a little astral travel, if you will. We shall look at the planets in their transits as they occur, not as prophecy but as signposts for our journey. In columns ahead, if you have questions, you may use the Comments section to ask them and I will do my best to answer your query.


One person’s clutter is another person’s treasure … and unfortunately, these opposites often seem to wind up married to each other. Be that as it may, let’s take a jaunt through the zodiac and see who hoards, who’s just a packrat, who likes everything in its place, and who can’t find anything without a bloodhound …

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Astrology 101

Some readers have asked for background information on various characteristics of astrology, such as trines, oppositions, squares and so on. This is an excellent suggestion, and one I will gladly fulfill in these columns, but only if, dear readers, you accept my apology for not doing so when I began writing these observations. So many …

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You know the drill

It’s that time of year again for the last Retrograde Mercury of 2021. (And aren’t you thrilled?) Actually, instead of beating your head against the wall, here are some pointers about using this active little planet’s foibles to advantage. Aries: March 21-April 19  Did you get started de-cluttering and then stop? Now is the time …

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Part One I’ve been offered a rare opportunity to post a three-part article for my readers; therefore, today’s Head Light Blog will consist of one quarter of the astrology signs, Aries through Cancer/Moonchild. Another four, Leo through Scorpio, will be published tomorrow, and Sagittarius through Pisces next Monday. I hope you enjoy the information in …

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