Astrology and weather

While complaining vociferously about the weather last week (and listening to my cat doing the same), I realized we had had five weeks of storms posited in the middle of each week, and entailing preparations for the same. Tiresome, to say the least.

In the area of the country in which I reside, we must be prepared for such sundry weather occurrences as tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, violent lightning storms, snow, extreme rain, drought and nearly constant wind of varying severity. Not a very appealing menu, you must admit. But as the old saying goes, ‘everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it.’

(Some readers may recall a bit of consternation many years ago about a supposedly secret project in Alaska, named HARRP, and also supposedly some odd apparatus and physics manifestations which were involved in ‘an experiment to control the weather.’ I ponder this when some odd storm strikes without warning, but realize it was just another conspiracy theory without foundation. It’s tempting to wonder whether the apparatus was ever activated. Did it go rogue? But this is merely ill-tempered conjecture, and superficial at that.)

So with that old gossip brushed aside, I went to my favorite subject – astrology – to discover whether there were planetary indications for weather prediction. Yes, there are.

And the prediction of weather events is just as complicated, if not more than, interpreting a natal chart for a human. This is a new area for me, so let’s take a look at some of the basics and we’ll learn together.

Any child or adult who’s wandered the beach searching for shells has been made aware of the influence of the Moon on the tides, just as Emergency Rooms and police stations  across the planet brace themselves for an influx of victims of violent crimes during a Full Moon, especially when in a strong-willed sign like Aries or Scorpio.

You may wish to conduct your own informal study by getting a calendar with the signs of the transiting Moon marked on it to see some of the more obvious disturbances of the human psyche: watch for more bad driving during the days of the transiting Moon in Gemini, for example.

Here are some more items for your check list:

The Sun generally produces warm, calm and dry weather unless in the same sign as the Moon, which may lead to weather extremes. Sun conjunct Venus is traditionally thought to cause cloudy and rainy periods of two to three days.

The Moon may be said to be a type of trigger for chilly, wet weather, especially when it enters Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra. This could even produce record rainfall.

Mercury rules the wind and ranges from soft breezes to hurricanes. It causes the air pressure to drop which in turn causes the velocity of the wind to pick up. Mercury in aspect to Uranus, most likely square or opposition, produces violent gusts and sudden, unforeseen storms. Mercury in relation to Saturn will lead to the wind increasing steadily in strength, and rain is added when one or the other planet is retrograde.

Venus brings moisture and a lower barometer, with warmer temperatures and gentle rains in the spring. However, Venus’ influence causes greater snowfall and freezing rain in the winter, which generally wreaks havoc with above-ground power lines and trees weakened by age or previous storms.

Mars in an aspect with Venus usually presages storms. Its trademark is primarily heat and warmth, with dry spells and even droughts on tap. Look for a milder winter but a very hot summer.

We’ll call this quick overview of the weather done for now. Check back next week for the continuation of using astrology to predict your local weather.

Just think, if you can get proficient enough to be right more than thirty per cent of the time, you’ll become a legend in predicting the weather – at least in your own neighborhood.  – MZ