Beware the stampeding baggage brahma

A brief explanation of my absence from my posts for several weeks: a runaway baggage cart at the airport decided to run full tilt into me and thereby toss me into the carousel for retrieving luggage. It was a maneuver worthy of the running of the bulls in Spain, an event in which I have never desired to partake. A nearly sprained ankle, bruises and scrapes were the results, besides the grievous damage to my dignity.

What was I , Madame Zombra, doing at an airport, unaware there were rogue baggage carts rampaging through the walkways, you ask? I had decided, upon a very gracious invitation, to visit dear friends for a while, stay for the traditional turkey dinner and all the trimmings, and return home in time to post my usual Friday blog December 2, 2022. It looked like a good time to take a break, as the aspects for November 18 travel seemed calm enough in regards to my own Natal Chart. However, in the rush to secure my ticket, pack what I needed and ensure my delicate orchid houseplants would be well looked after during my sojourn – I had neglected to advise my readers I would be incommunicado during a brief vacation. Karma lurked.

From now on, any planned absences will be told to you, my dear readers, well in advance. I did have a very nice Thanksgiving, and seeing Dot Grouseman and enjoying her superlative cooking for a week was simply wonderful. (Dot and I have been close friends for many years. She was a well-respected star snake charmer at one of the major circuses before B.A. decided to try charming her himself, resulting in their marriage. And of course I did their charts before the ceremony, being the resident astrologer at that same major circus.)

But now I shall quietly draw a curtain over the entire episode and prepare to resume my duties this coming Friday, December 9, 2022.

Not everyone has such adventure at an ordinary airport. I must take up writing fiction some day. My life is just too unbelievable to be real. – MZ