Madame Zombra

Please join me, Madame Zombra, in the future for a little astral travel, if you will. We shall look at the planets in their transits as they occur, not as prophecy but as signposts for our journey. In columns ahead, if you have questions, you may use the Comments section to ask them and I will do my best to answer your query.

Red Alert

“Phhhbbbtt.” Mercury goes retrograde today until May 14, 2023. I truly wish I could add the Star Trek ‘Red Alert’ warning klaxon – but that’s not necessary. You, dear readers, know what to expect and what to do. We’ll get through yet another scheduled aberration. Have a cup of coffee or tea and take time …

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Triple header

It seems oddly significant to me that Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter – all planets considered heavy weights by many astrologers – will be lined up in adjacent signs. Pluto entered Aquarius on March 23 this year, right alongside the Spring Equinox, and it’ll be interesting to watch the transformations this planet will bring – or …

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With Pluto and Saturn beginning some major shifts again (more about that next week), perhaps it’s as well to consider what one of the respected mentors and teachers of astrology, Dane Rudhyar, said about events among the planets always having such and such an effect. In brief, even astrology with thousands of years of calculations …

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Here’s something for you to ponder – an article, “Understanding Science” posted by Berkeley, University of California on whether astrology is scientific or not. You probably can guess what my answer would be, but the rather brief article is interesting and well-balanced. I’d like to know your view of the case it presents. You can …

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Oldie but goodie

Other than citing myself as a reference (certainly an ‘oldie but goodie’), I find people eager to learn about astrology but with no real inkling of where to begin. I always recommend looking for a good used copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs in either physical bookstores or on the net. You may not be …

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