Celebrate! Saturn is direct now

Have you been wondering why your luck seemed to sour? Why spreading snarky gossip about someone immediately came back to haunt you? Why responsibilities seemed to grow and hamper you until it felt like there would never be a light-hearted day again?

Well, that’s what a Retrograde Saturn feels like, since it’s the planet ruling all the ‘adulting’ which is so onerous. And all of us have been struggling with this major planet in retrograde motion since May 23 of this year. (“Aha!” You’re saying to yourself – “that’s why 2021 has seemed like a hideous replay of 2020 in many respects.” And that’s true for a huge segment of society. The lessons we didn’t learn in 2020 will appear repeatedly in 2021 and years forward until we acknowledge what we’ve been avoiding and deal with the piles of, um, baggage in a mature manner.)

So now you see why I’ve advised a bit of a celebration for you. You may have suffered chronic health issues that couldn’t seem to be diagnosed with any certainty. Perhaps your personal debt ceiling had to be raised, or somehow that promised advance at work didn’t happen. Delays and obstructions have dogged your heels like a bad metaphor. In short, misery has enjoyed your company far too much.

With Saturn (also called the Great Taskmaster) moving forward, you can take those plans you’ve been working on for months and implement them. (You have been figuring out what to do in WFH or building a better marriage or starting your own business, haven’t you?)

Proceed with your life-changing decisions in a rational manner, and follow that new path to a more rewarding life. You’ve had much frustration in your life during these months, whether it was work, a relationship or a move of house occupying your thoughts and dreams – maybe even nightmares.

Reflect on what this year has meant to you so far. Are your original goals still what you want to pursue? Refocus. Expect things to move ahead now.

And if you can stand some more good news, remember Mercury goes direct on October 17. AND Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and benevolence will itself turn direct the day after, on October 18. That’s just one short week from today, ducks. New opportunities will fairly burst from thoughtful queries you make, or casual conversations which turn quite serious, or a ‘chance’ encounter that’s anything but.

I’ll expect a full report on things going much better in your life on October 20, 2021. At least 500 words and typed. (No, Madame Zombra does not attempt to read your terrible handwriting. She is not a graphologist.)  – MZ

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