Company Chart

As you may recall, your favorite ancient astrologer recently signed a contract with a small publisher for an unspecified number of books about astrology. While this is truly gratifying, it’s also entailing a tremendous amount of work. In an idle moment, I thought it might prove interesting to calculate the publishing company’s ‘natal chart’ and see where it may journey. I should add that Write Up The Road, whose website I write for weekly, isn’t a latecomer to the publishing industry. In fact, they’re observing their twentieth anniversary of being in business this very year.

So let’s look back and peruse their planets at the time they received their business license and see what those aspects may mean in the future. [Of necessity, this chart analysis will be continued next week. Bear with me.]

Write Up The Road was declared an official business on September 2, 2002. It has its Sun in Virgo, obviously, at eight degrees and twenty-one minutes, Moon a scant one degree and eight minutes in Cancer. The time of day for its Ascendant isn’t known, but many astrologers use noon simply to get the chart interpretations started. (Rectifying a chart, for a human, pet or company can come later and the chart re-drawn if timing of significant events may be found.)

The small company also has its Mercury in Libra, six degrees and twenty-one minutes, its Venus in Libra twenty-four degrees and fifty-one minutes, and Mars at two degrees and nine minutes Virgo. Jupiter resides at six degrees and forty-two minutes Leo, while Saturn stands firmly at twenty-seven minutes Gemini. A Retrograde Uranus is placed at twenty-six degrees and twenty minutes Aquarius; Retrograde Neptune at eight degrees and forty-seven minutes Aquarius, and finally, Pluto at fourteen degrees and fifty-four minutes Sagittarius.

So there’s our schematic; now we can attempt to interpret the aspects between planets and the Sun and Moon to try to predict the company’s future course.

Let’s begin with the Sun, Moon, and a working proposition of a Capricorn Ascendant.

The Sun and Moon are in harmony, as there’s a sextile between the Virgo Sun and Cancer Moon. The two most powerful luminaries could be said to be pulling together as a team with that sextile aspect, so generally the company doesn’t ‘shoot itself in the foot’ with rash actions. We’ll assume a beneficial trine between the Virgo Sun and Capricorn Ascendant, but – there’s potential conflict between the Moon and Ascendant, as those are in opposition to each other. The Moon in a chart is where most emotions are either hidden or revealed, and the Ascendant is the outward ‘face’ presented to the world at large. The inner workings of the small publishing company aren’t carefully guarded, but neither are they displayed. There may be disagreement within the corporate structure as to just how much time and work should be poured into Write Up The Road while family matters are set aside, at least temporarily. You won’t find an ultra-modern chrome and glass sleek atmosphere at Write Up The Road’s headquarters either. Disheveled is the norm, while Cancer and Capricorn argue for/against home comforts or austerity and simplicity for the décor and the workers’ areas. Tradition would be a very strong influence with this entire combination of earth, water and earth yet again. The company likely needs to guard against becoming hidebound; continuing to do business in the ‘traditional’ form of publishing rather than embracing the new in eBooks, social media and so forth could prove quite an obstacle to continued success.

In other aspects, Sun conjunct Mars is quite intriguing. Working from a Capricorn Ascendant, this settles this conjunction in the Ninth house – of publishing. So you have some dynamic energy here, posited in the very house which rules the entire ‘reason for being’ shall we say – so more effort needs to be put forth if the principals of the company wish to be increasingly successful in the years ahead. Harness that Martian energy!

There needs to be a cautionary word here too, as the Sun is square Pluto – a volatile aspect, to be sure, with the Ninth House Sun literally facing off against the Twelfth House Pluto. This implies a hidden agenda of a desire to make people/readers over, to set them on the ‘right course’ according to the collective corporate mindset of Write Up The Road. Publishing books which will change people’s lives isn’t necessarily a bad thing – providing the books present several nuances of changes people can make, and not just one set formula of ‘this is how our readers should acquit themselves in their lives.’

Now, we’ll continue examining the aspects of this chart next week, as this list and accompanying definitions of positions is by no means exhaustive. Bear in mind, too, that since Write Up The Road isn’t a sentient being, all of these interpretations are actually conjectures. But isn’t it intriguing to envision a company with a sneer on its face or a devil-may-care attitude?

You may enjoy this quote from Joan Lunden: “To predict the future, create it.” – MZ