Compatibility/Animosity Part Three

Now we’ll ‘pick up’ where we left off last week.

You may enjoy discussing philosophy with a Pisces, but it won’t get that important presentation done by deadline. Consider giving him/her several small but important projects that are necessary for the final outcome to be what corporate wants – but fudge the deadline. Make it a week earlier than it actually is, and keep telling the Fish how necessary the smaller cogs are to the wheel working well. This works far better than yelling or bluster, as the Pisces will simply retreat to an inner self you can’t contact.

Sagittarius and Gemini may begin an assignment by cordially hating each other; but could also end up in a permanent relationship, so proceed with caution. Working together under stress and deadlines doesn’t improve the temper of either of you, but mutual moan and groan sessions could show you a kindred spirit in your assigned partner. A spontaneous Gemini could easily match the Sagittarius in the ‘let’s throw everything overboard and go skiing’ department but for the sake of two careers, wait until the weekend to hit the slopes.

Pick, pick, pick … when will the final presentation be perfect enough for the Virgo to quit finding fault? Well – never, really. But you’d best listen to the criticism, because that inner editor is seldom wrong about whether a white paper has met the requirements of the paying client – and frankly, Sagittarius, spelling and grammar were probably not your favorite subjects in school. Let the Virgo have one last proofreading bout – and then gently insist the project is done.

*Capricorn: December 22-January 19

A Sea Goat and a Ram walked into a boardroom …but joking aside, Aries may need to be reminded that you regard work as the major force in your life. And it’s not the time or the subject for kidding around. Do some honest assessment and divide the workload up by strengths and talents. Capricorn deals very well with the research and details that drive Aries up the wall, while the Ram can ‘work the room’ and glad-hand people in order to secure either funding or approval.

Don’t let that slightly addled persona fool you, Capricorn – Libra is just as much a Cardinal sign as you are, so don’t indulge in power plays. Try to set limits as to how much responsibility each of you has while also being sure that you both get ample credit for the many hours you’re putting in at work. Now, after work is a different story. You’ll either discover total compatibility, or decide working together is enough togetherness.   

Here comes that opposite pairing again – a Moonchild and a Capricorn, at dagger’s point or billing and cooing, as the old songs go. And this whole scene may change from week to week. Hopefully you can stay in a balanced work mode until the project is completed. If it’s a romantic relationship, you might consider couples’ counseling before proceeding further.

*Aquarius: January 20-February 18

A Leo really enjoys an audience or even a few people listening attentively, while Aquarius wants to know the backstory for everyone in the room. If the big project is a formal presentation, let the Lion be the MC. If it’s all on the net, better have the Water Bearer run the Zoom meeting and prepare the charts and graphs. As a couple, both of you need to have equally important careers and your own set of ‘groupies’ or there will be make-ups and breakups in dizzying profusion.

Scorpio and Aquarius may often wonder which planet the other is from, as they try to wrap up too many details and loose ends at the last minute. The best idea here is to tackle those pesky little things that keep popping up at the outset of the assignment rather than waiting until you’re both quite irritated with each other. Save the fuming for when it really matters.

A hard-working Taurus will likely shoulder eighty percent of the entire project in order to meet the expectations of the corporate hierarchy, while Aquarius will use his/her twenty percent allotment to survey the end users as to whether the resulting product will meet their needs. Both of these approaches are useful, and will actually result in a more well-rounded final report as the project reaches its conclusion. Whether the two of you will still be on speaking terms is a matter of debate.

*Pisces: February 19-March 20 

Will the sparks flying be romantic interest or work-related? Pisces may be content to be in the background for much of his/her career, but what happens when that’s also the place a Virgo wishes to be? For example, not every Virgo finds public speaking to be stressful, but many do, and the Fish needs to be aware of the uncomfortable fact that they may exaggerate each other’s foibles at work. At home, the situation will either be resolved or ignored by both parties until it quietly goes away.

Pisces, you may find the Twins a bit much to deal with, especially if you’ve been designated the leader of the work group. Gemini doesn’t deal well with schedules, routine or deadlines, and may rudely tell you what you can do with your appointment book. See if there’s a communications angle that can be handled by one (or two) people and toss that entire section into the Gemini’s ‘In basket.’ The rest of your group can complete their work and incorporate the Twin’s report at the final edit.  

To repeat what I said at the start of each astrological grouping, there are no two astrology signs whose natives absolutely cannot ‘get along’ if both parties are willing to work at reconciling their differences. Now, whether you can work peacefully with a Sagittarius is a matter for discussion between the two of you. Be honest and open, present how each of you prefers to work, and if you cannot work together, go to HR and then out for lunch.   

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little glimpse of how astrology may be similar to a Rubik’s cube in all of the facets of various relationships, whether work or romantic. Sometimes simply studying the puzzle without judging or haste produces the best solution.   – MZ

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