Fear of ‘the Retrograde’

ai generated, man, technology-8592605.jpg

If that picture doesn’t get your attention, ducks, you have indeed fallen into the matrix itself. These ubiquitous AI images are just that – they’re everywhere. This one is oddly compelling but still unnerving too. And so we move on to the real subject of this column – the prospect of a Retrograde Mercury, which still unnerves many people.

Also, as another aside, I read a news item that mentioned a distraught woman had contacted a financial advisor because she was afraid she was going to lose her home. When the advisor asked her whether she’d been trying to find steady work and not try one side gig business after another, she replied that Mercury had been in retrograde for several years, and she just hadn’t been able to make a go of any of her small businesses. While sympathetic to her plight, your favorite ancient astrologer succumbed to a fit of laughter. Dear readers, all of you have enough knowledge already of astrology to know that Mercury does. not. ever. go retrograde for years. (And we can all be thankful for that.)

Now, I want you to try an experiment this time. Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1st – a most appropriate day, I must say. And it continues retrograde, still in Aries, until April 25th. Here’s the experiment. Mark those dates on your calendar, and then – ignore them. Don’t dread the retrograde, in other words. If something goes haywire, then remind yourself that it’s just ‘business as usual’ for Mercury to do this. Let’s see if the impact of this planet apparently going backwards is lessened by treating it as just another aberration of the universe, rather than giving in to distress or worry. Until – and if – Mercury’s caprices smack you in the face, proceed as usual.

Of course, if you have a hugely significant meeting at work, or you’re leaving at long last on that trip to Bali, or getting married or hauled into court, then you should definitely put in some time shoring up the defenses. But otherwise, let’s see if that small but mischievous planet loses some of its impact when you aren’t regarding it like a sabre-toothed tiger at the front door.

And then let me know what happens. MZ