Just a thought: change your name

Have you considered changing your name, if you’ve never quite liked it?

“Nomen est omen.”  Latin for “In name is power.”  Names do carry tremendous weight.

When people decide to start a business or company, they often call in name experts to help choose exactly the right name for the future firm. It can be hideously expensive for a major corporation to undergo a name change. Press conferences have to be arranged, all the advertising rewritten, even business cards and stationery must be printed again. Millions can be spent on these changes.

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to change your name. You can give yourself an intriguing nickname and never have to go before a judge to make it legal. Or you may like your new name so much, you’re willing to do the paperwork and put in an appearance in a court of law to permanently change your moniker. The choice is yours.

The world itself is undergoing tremendous changes. If you wish to change things too, then – do so! And present a new ‘you’ to all persons encountered in your adventures.