Madame Zombra regrets

Remembering an old and odd song, “Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today…” no idea where the tune came from; most likely a Broadway show or perhaps a movie. The odd lyrics seem to imply Miss Otis was a murderer who didn’t expect to ever pay for her crime. But then again, what was the context for the lament?

Anyway, Madame Zombra regrets missing her deadline for her blog yet again.

Ah, for the good old days, when carrier pigeons were prompt, dependable and certainly not electronic. No doubt the behavior of owls at Hogwarts was based on their more lowly cousins, who performed admirably in war conditions, terrible weather and other assorted hindrances to completing one’s task.

If you have the time, do go to YouTube and scope out some of the intriguing people and features there. There are Tarot card readers who are quite interesting, astrologers with different viewpoints on local and national matters and definitely some of the psychics are worth a listen and look – or two.

We will assume our astrological studies next week. Until then, my favorite students, be calm and expect the best things in life, for you are entitled to them by virtue of your own soul’s progress upon this lowly plane. – MZ