Mercury Retrograde begins June 18, 2020

An extraordinarily long retrograde period for Mercury begins this Thursday. While many people discount astrology, I have seen examples of the unclear communications and missed appointments which occurred under such a retrograde. As an example, a small business had decided to completely change its internal phone system from landlines to cellular. I pointed out the retrograde motion for Mercury to the owners, but the cellular company with which they were signing had a limited time for taking advantage of a substantial discount for changing a business phone system. They went ahead with the change.

It took three different crews dealing with various routers and computer assisted programs, plus several shippings of assorted components, to sort out the problems of the newly-installed system. It wasn’t fully operational until a week after Mercury had resumed forward motion. The small business got its discount for switching, but lost business for nearly a month when customers couldn’t contact their representatives.  

My advice until July 12, 2020, would be to ask for clarification on business emails, during meetings and even in conversations between coworkers or staff and management. Try to avoid signing new contracts if possible, and if you’re proceeding with a contract already in the works before Thursday, read it carefully, sentence by sentence. Don’t take phone messages at face value, particularly if they seem ambiguous or ‘odd.’ If possible, write instructions down and have the person issuing the same check to see if you’ve gotten them correct.

If you’re scheduling travel since many states have begun opening up, check with your airline daily or if your trip timing is crucial, morning and evening to find out what may have changed. If you’re driving, have a map along as well as your GPS system. Allow extra time for getting to any destination.

In personal communications, strive to state your views clearly. Write a short letter instead of making a call, if necessary. Don’t rely on memory to get you to a lunch or other appointment. Call to verify, and call the restaurant for its new procedures too.

Use these weeks to go over plans for the future and check them carefully for anything that could be interpreted in several ways. If it takes three or four emails to get something nailed, so be it. Working with the planetary ebb and flow is much better than having to assume crisis mode when a disaster, large or small, seems imminent.

This, too, shall pass.  MZ