Money’s to be spent! No, money’s to be saved!

And so begins a typical dialogue (before the voices get raised to bellowing levels) between a Sagittarius and a Capricorn – diametrically opposed to the other’s budgetary habits. Let’s see if we can help them select a course of action before they are no longer on speaking terms.

Sagittarius believes that money is meant for fun, enjoyment, the best things life has to offer. Capricorn does too, but only after the rent’s paid, the retirements fund’s been amply filled, and no debts remain to weigh on the mind.

As the Centaur certainly represents the sportsmen of the world, these folks may find their vocation in the professional sports field, whether as a player, coach or commentator. A Sagittarian’s easy-going personality enables him or her to come back from defeat or injury and be even better at their passion and chosen employment. The big-game hunters of eras past may not all have been born under the same Fire Sign, but their attributes would match: love of the outdoors, the willingness to ‘rough it’ and the fair play aspect of giving the hunted animal a chance to outwit the human. You may also find a Sagittarian among the archaeologists carefully extracting a mastodon skull or other priceless specimens from a new dig in some exotic location, or as a zoo doctor treating chimpanzees, elephants and sea lions – all in a day’s work.

To meet a happily-employed Capricorn, you need only go to a bank or stock brokerage; Sea Goats believe in building funds slowly and carefully for the purchase of a house (or a business), college for the kids, or the aforementioned retirement. A Capricorn kid likely had a lemonade stand at his mother’s yard sale before he was seven years old, and made a good profit, too. Usually only the so-called Blue Chip stocks attract their interest; not for these determined souls the perils of day trading or being a venture capitalist. Bonds hold a big attraction, as do Treasury notes and yes, gold coins or bars. If you find a Capricorn gambling in Las Vegas, be assured there’s a formidable square in the natal chart somewhere, a Gemini Ascendant, or Grand Trine of the heavy planets in air signs. While Ebenezer Scrooge’s birth date is unknown, people who’ve had financial dealings with a Capricorn may notice an uncanny resemblance to the unreformed Dickens character. But just as in the book, a modern-day Scrooge can have a change of heart and invest in a cause he or she truly believes in, help support a hospital or orphanage, or quietly assist a struggling family.

Nearly any occupation which enables the Centaur to be outdoors and not trapped in a cubicle or small office will result in not just a happier person, but a wealthier one too, as it’s always easier to make money in whichever field your heart follows. A forest ranger would be an appealing career, but probably not a park ranger or fish hatchery specialist – again, too confining and in too small an area to oversee or in which gain expertise. A partnership in a sporting goods store which could be built into a chain of the same, whether bricks and mortar or online, would be a good fit too. (But hire a detail-oriented sign to take care of building the website and marketing; sales and demonstrations are the Sagittarian’s best sides.)

Financial advisors can usually make money for their clients and themselves, in that they study the available investments until they know them thoroughly and don’t risk unpleasant surprises – guess which vocation is a natural for a Capricorn? Your Uncle Henry, who noticed secure investment opportunities in South America, learned fluent Portuguese or Spanish, studied the country’s laws (and particularly those governing foreign stockholders) and came back home after ten or twenty years modestly saying he’d ‘done pretty well’ must be a Capricorn – and worth millions too. You could do very well following his pointers on monetary success.

As long as a Sagittarian has enough money to ‘keep the wolf from the door’ and the landlord reasonably happy, he’s cheerful and always willing to loan a friend a twenty. Many times his trusting attitude brings greater rewards than the amount loaned or donated to charity. Trust the Centaur to die happy, even if not wealthy.

Capricorns generally live to a ripe old age, and can be the dependable financial anchor for an extended family, as the members become small business owners, investors or home owners themselves. But woe betide the careless nephew or niece who disregards the Capricorn’s advice and loses the money lent to him or her. Being left out of the will is the mildest penalty an elderly Sea Goat can devise. And there will be no last-minute bailout for the miscreant, either.

Financial and family dynamics can have many interactions. Proceed carefully in either.   – MZ

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