Moon and moods

So you think the Moon’s transits have no effect on you personally?

How about when the Moon is in your Second House and you feel truly poverty-stricken for those two or three days a month? The days when you catch yourself saying, “I can’t afford it,” when you know that’s one of the worst negative ‘affirmations’ you can utter?

Or the Moon is in your Sixth House and you and your boss have a very intense discussion about the last report you filed?

Yes, even when the Moon is in the same sign as your Ascendant and you get your hair styled in a new and fashionable way … and two days later you absolutely loathe it.

You can actually make a game of watching the Moon move through your Natal Chart, if you want – and while it’s amusing, it can also be quite revealing. You may find adjustments should be made for your work schedule, or classes, or that next date. Use the Moon’s transits to stack the odds in your favor; you’ll be glad you did. Here’s a quick guide to allowing the Moon’s transits to help you behind the scenes.

Get your Natal Chart drawn up and make a copy of it. (Always keep the original of your Natal Chart tucked away in a drawer somewhere, along with your passport and other deeply personal information.) Now label your Ascendant with the numeral 1, and proceeding in a counter-clockwise direction, your next House will be labeled 2, Third House obviously 3 and so on, all around the zodiac wheel. There are calendars available which have the Moon transits marked on them, or you may need to purchase an ephemeris to track the sign changes. (Remind yourself that if you purchase an ephemeris, it’s reliable for many years to come, not just for the Moon, but for all the other planets’ transits too.)

Now you may interpret the Moon transits as applied to your Natal chart, and take the first steps towards becoming your own astrologer. (Welcome to the ranks.)

When the Moon is in your First House: you’ll be influenced to a greater degree by others, and may join in group activities more readily than usual. You’re more concerned with your appearance at this time (the Moon normally spends only two or three days in each sign every month) and may resolve to go on a diet, start those French lessons or buy some new clothes. Just don’t splurge too much, for the next sign the Moon passes into and through deals with your resources, usually financial.

Moon transiting your Second House: Egad, the mailbox has nothing but bills in it and you have to reconcile your budget between income and outgo. This may be the time you decide that the unwelcome clutter around your home can be sold to pay off some of those impulse buys of a few days ago. This would also be a good time to resolve to live within, or better yet, below your means and also begin to tithe. You don’t have to give tithes to a religious organization; there are plenty of causes who would spend your tithe wisely and also offer you an opportunity to become involved with your community.

Moon in your Third House: This is likely the time when your neighbors become noisier than usual or else invite you to a neighborhood cookout. You could have new residents arrive on the block, or your brothers and sisters drop by for a visit. You’ll be watching more news than ordinarily, and making and taking more phone calls. You may even sit down and write a letter or two to people who would be most gratified to receive an actual missive from you instead of an email.

Fourth House Moon transit: Your home becomes a focal point for you for a few days. You notice what needs painting or repairing, and draw up a plan for tackling those tasks when you’ve got the time. Perhaps you’ll be shopping for a new sofa or a nice desk at which to WFH. This will be the time when you can no longer stand that squeaking drawer, or the loose tiles in the bath, or the cranky old stove that has one working burner and two blowtorches upon which to cook. (The fourth burner doesn’t work at all.)

Moon transiting Fifth House: While you love your kids, there are times when they absolutely drive you mad. Before putting them up for adoption, check the calendar. And then send them outside to play if they’re young enough, take them to a family movie, or decide to get them lessons in dance, archery, bowling or something else physical in order to work off some of that energy. This is also the time when you feel a great surge of creativity and want self-expression to be a part of your daily or at least weekly routine. Look into art lessons for yourself, or buy some simple supplies for a hobby you’ve been interested in for a while.

Moon in your Sixth House: This is the house which shows your work patterns and how fulfilled or not your career makes you feel. You want to be very practical at this time, and may decide to re-skill or go back to school for specialized courses in order to advance – or change – your life’s work. Take some time to really study what you do while working all day, and allow your mind to explore other possibilities if you’re not satisfied with your current situation. If you feel you’re not appreciated, or working too hard for too little pay, you most likely are. So quietly start searching for alternatives.

Transiting Moon in your Seventh House: Oh, the petty arguments that can arise these days! Try not to squabble over who fixed dinner the last time you ate at home, or whose turn it is to walk the dog, pick up the kids, get Mom to the dentist. The Seventh House directs your close personal relationships, including marriage, dear friends and business partners as well. Skip these couple of days for a ‘date night’ and allow for some ‘me time’ for you and whoever you’re most closely associated with on a daily basis. Gripe to your journal or diary if you have to vent, and then tear out those pages and burn them after the Moon changes signs. You’ll feel better.

Moon in your Eighth House: Taxes, insurance and money or property belonging to you and a partner jointly are all under this aspect for a time each month. Avoid quarrels over inheritances or funerals and wills. This transitory period might actually be necessary for you to think through ‘getting your affairs in order’ and deciding on such grim but important details as a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order, powers of attorney (medical and financial) and your funerary arrangements. While very showy, it’s probably best not to burden your nearest and dearest with your request for a horse-drawn hearse with black plumes on the horses’ heads and paid mourners trailing behind the carriage.

Ninth House transiting Moon: Track your reading for a while and see if perhaps you tend to start on books of philosophy or religion during these transits. Or you may wish to attend a different place of worship about which you’ve been curious, just to see what their world view encompasses. This short period may also see you as an instructor, whether it’s teaching your teenager to drive or showing a new wife your electronic canner and how it works so she isn’t compelled to learn the ‘old-fashioned’ way of canning (possibly with small children underfoot). Use these days to get out in nature if you can, and refresh your soul by being in a forest or camping under the stars.

Moon in your Tenth House: Responsibility, ‘adulting’, professional and personal reputation are all under this house’s rulership and thus amplified by the Moon adding emotional context to these same areas. This short time frame may show you the true nature of your immediate superior at work, or the actual workings of your corporation behind the public façade. Self-discipline, hard work, patience and your own ambition will all be highlighted within your thoughts. If your motives are sincere and your intentions honorable, you’ll do well.

Eleventh House transiting Moon: This aspect will bring friendships and committees, task forces and focus groups into prominence in your life. Working for common goals, whether it’s a neighborhood cleaning up an empty lot to turn it into a community garden, or creating an evacuation plan for all the households to follow so that the families, single folks and hopefully their pets are speedily taken to safety in the event of wildfires or earthquake would all fall under this purview.

Transiting Moon in the Twelfth House: Probably vivid dreams at night and surprising ‘coincidences’ will occur over the two or three days the Moon takes to move through this house. You may spend too much time daydreaming about ‘what might have been,’ especially if you meet an old flame or try to escape into the past to avoid an unpleasant situation developing in the present. Self-pity and making excuses for your behavior, lack of action, or ignoring someone you should have helped will lead to deceiving yourself as to your actual motives at some point. Use this opening of your Twelfth House to gain greater understanding of your deeper self and allow your innate generous spirit to shine.

Have fun with your ‘checklist’ and see what the transiting Moon brings as you watch it highlight various aspects of your life.     MZ