Moon tides of November

Did you notice anything unusual on Thursday, November 4, last week? No? Well, just in case, keep one eye out for the bizarre, the strange or simply peculiar for the rest of this month, because that date had some unusual aspects within it which may disrupt your normal routine.

Now, to calm things down a bit, a New Moon in Scorpio occurs every November, so that isn’t what’s spectacular. It’s not the entrée, it’s the side dishes which are going to be memorable in some form or other. But bear in mind something which has been repeated in this and many other astrology columns around the world – a New Moon kicks off a thirty-day period of intense activity, depending on whether your Sun Sign is heavily influenced by where the New Moon alights.   

You may have to discard something or someone in your life that’s simply not viable any longer. Perhaps you’ve had it with a negative co-worker, or boss. Maybe you’re tired of waiting for your fiancé to set a firm date for the wedding. Emotions can run quite high until November 14th or thereabouts, and these may especially affect those under the sign of Scorpio (naturally), Aquarius and Leo. (Conjunction and two squares.)

The Sun itself comes into play as it’s involved in an opposition with the planet Uranus. Uranus, yes, that planet once named Herschel, and associated with (or instigating) abrupt and unannounced change, creativity, revolution, and the expression of your individuality. Starting to feel your spidey sense tingle?

Take your time, Lions, Scorpions and Water-Bearers. Try to think things through carefully before committing yourself. Prepare for the twists and turns in the road to become dramatic switchbacks and hairpin curves quite soon.

Why? Well, adding to the ‘cosmic soup’ is something we’ve all become aware of in the last week, again beginning on November 4 – that huge solar flare which set off a tempestuous magnetic storm on the Sun’s surface. So far no widespread electrical outages have been reported, nor has the internet declared itself incapacitated. Maybe we’re just experiencing a run of great earthly luck, because the brilliance of the aurorae seen lately confirms some of that massive energy burst has indeed reached our planet.

If things get too heavy too quickly, follow Marcus Aurelius’ advice from centuries ago:

“There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind. . . So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself.” 

I’d suggest a cup of tea (maybe with a wee drop of something strong in it) and a quiet room somewhere to which you can retreat when hell starts poppin’. If it does, of course. – MZ

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