Caution: musing is sometimes fraught with hazards and can engender a grouchy outlook for the day. Conversely, a ‘think session’ may yield tremendous results: a better approach to a fractious boss, some creative cupboard cooking which produces a tasty meal from ingredients on hand, better control of the budget. A solution to a difficult situation of long standing may greet you as you brush your teeth or take a long walk.

So which astrology signs muse? Here are some quick snapshots:

Since the Fire Signs aren’t particularly noted for taking time to carefully consider the outcome before embarking on a course of action, your Aries, Leo or Sagittarius friends or family members usually leap into projects without checking to see if the bungee cord is firmly attached. A bit hasty, but still, they often land on their feet.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the sensible, practical people of the zodiac mull over a number of subjects, ranging from the life-changing to whether to sweeten their coffee, and if so, with what? These stolid, Stoic Earth souls frequently don’t dabble in mere musing. They often learn to meditate and then apply those insights to various problems until each is resolved to their satisfaction.

A Moon Child, Scorpio, and Pisces anticipate contemplating various scenarios as they all approach their lives – with great drama and angst abounding. It’s a shame the rest of us can’t view the thoughts of a Water Sign – just the decision to cancel a subscription would result in pages of script for a podcast or indie movie.

Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius would likely attempt ‘group musing’ if such were possible, as they’re nearly always surrounded by friends, family members and their audience. Not inclined to sustained, deep thought ordinarily, they really prefer quick decisions and immediate action because they can then move on to the next agenda item and not be bored by standing still (momentarily).

Now, there are some superficial labels with which to enliven your next cocktail party chit-chat. But ask what sign your conversational partner was born under before contributing your new bon mots. If the person opposite you takes umbrage at such shallow characterizations, you may have a glass of champagne flung in your face.

And what a waste of Dom Perignon. – MZ