New Moon Projects

A New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021 – traditionally, 30 days to complete a project. Will you accomplish this?

Aries:  You may feel harried simply from the New Moon occurring in your Sun Sign. You also know your penchant for waiting until the deadline to get most things done, whether it’s an article, arriving at an appointment, or renewing your insurance policy. Lists are anathema to most Arians, so suggesting the use of one is futile. That period (which has already lost days, ducks) gives you peprhaps 28 days to look for information on the net, confer with a friend or two, frame questions and bandy answers with two or three dozen of your closest advisors on Facebook, and procrastinate until calamity looms. But your Aries energy generally pulls you through and you meet the drop-dead deadline at the last minute.

Taurus:  Being a practical Earth sign, you’ve been planning your next project for a while and likely have the parts, materials or references needed lined up neatly in a designated place. This new Aries Moon may be a bit problematical, however, as Aries represents your Twelfth House of hidden matters and subconscious memories. Past experiences dealing with a project quite similar to the one you’re currently desiring to undertake can cause you to hesitate or feel the need to check everything over ‘just one more time.’ Let any drive to have a perfect outcome subside and complete your project to the best of your abilities without a torrent of self-criticism.

Gemini:  You might do well to call in a few friends to help you finish this important project, as the New Moon occurred in your Eleventh House of friendship and groups. It’s likely you’ve started on a project that’s entirely too big for one person to accomplish anyway, so having other pairs of willing hands means it gets done more quickly. Be sure to communicate clearly as to your vision of the process as well as the goal, and make a point of ordering in pizza or other food to help everyone keep on working until the thing’s done when all of you are involved in the final hours of completion.

Cancer:  With this Moon transiting your Tenth House of career, chances are quite good your major project has everything to do with your work and/or career. Proceed methodically, and don’t try to add ‘bells and whistles and fireworks’ which don’t fit your usual style, as this will completely unnerve your coworkers and any supervisors you may have. They’ve all come to consider you reliable, steadfast and while a bit moody at times, loyal to the firm and your commitment to it. If hours of endeavor mean you’ll advance or achieve a nice raise so you can make your home or family more comfortable, you’ll willingly put in all the hours it takes to mark ‘done’ on your efforts.  

Leo:  You may find yourself not only working on a huge project but teaching its various components to all of your helpers at the same time. Your Ninth House of education, learning and sharing is activated by the Moon’s transit and can carry you through your other duties as a mentor. You may recall the truism that the best way to thoroughly learn something is to teach it, so turn aside from doubts as to your teaching abilities and proceed. Remember you can tap into higher levels of knowledge by engaging your subconscious mind; meditating daily may provide you with imminently suitable solutions to problems encountered in the process of completing the project.  

Virgo:  A grant, corporate money or other jointly-held funds may prove to have multiple conditions which must be met before disbursement. Be prepared for the project not being fully funded at the onset; you should secure signatures rather than just promises; a contract instead of a handshake. And keep a close eye on the budget as well as copies of all expenses and purchases. This Moon transit highlights taxes, so be prepared to supply your accountant with files and proof of where the money was spent once the project is finished. Then again, a legacy or will could be involved as well. If you’re asked to become a trustee for a large amount of money, engage an attorney to carefully define the parameters of your duty.

Libra:  You may have unintentionally agreed to help your significant other to move, renovate or remodel the living quarters, whether shared by the two of you or not. Or your parents may be downsizing from their large house to a small apartment – or trying to drastically reduce their belongings and depart in an RV for a retirement age adventure. The next month is going to be an extremely busy one, with many discussions and messages keeping your cell, laptop and vehicle engaged constantly. Your most important relationships may feel the strain for a bit, as lifestyle changes are difficult to implement; try persuasion rather than coercion to get problem settled.

Scorpio:  That huge Project at work that the corporate head merely hinted at during the last interminable meeting just landed on your desk. However, nothing truly daunts a Scorpio for long, and your sixth sense had already warned you that this could happen. You likely have files, resources and assistants already lined up in the wings, waiting for their cues. You can set aside whatever entanglements or previous engagements which must be postponed in order to concentrate solely on your work and not feel guilty over doing so. You understand the ‘trade off’ a career in today’s world demands and are fully able to not just swim with the sharks but feed them to a larger adversary if necessary.

Sagittarius:  This New Moon in Aries may make you ‘feel like a kid again,’ so perhaps it’s time for a vacation to somewhere you can simply relax, play and rest. You’re at home in a new city, a seashore or the forest, so plan your getaway accordingly and slip away at some point before the month is up if at all possible. Even several changes in your routine can help, as Sagittarius finds repetitive work quite irksome. You don’t deal well with ‘dull,’ and may manage to get yourself unemployed if you don’t somehow get changes happening in your livelihood soon. Working from home is probably not the best solution for you, however, as you need other people around to discuss ideas with and garner honest opinions.

Capricorn:  You may have started your remodeling project under this Moon in Aries; try not to despair, however, if you cannot get the entire thing done in so few days. There are many projects of this nature that take months or even years, depending on its scope and yours may be one of them. If you’re having your house redone, perhaps you can move to other quarters while the majority of the disruption occurs, especially if you’re also trying to work from home at the same time. If you’re the work crew too, then you may need to scale back on too extensive or ambitious plans. Set aside time to rejuvenate and enjoy each completed step rather than always seeing what’s yet to be done.

Aquarius:  You may be engaged in a neighborhood project, like turning a weed-infested, dumping ground lot in the middle of the area into a community garden or playground for all the kids. It’s a very large project, and will take a lot of work – but the vision you have of the finale is well worth striving for, and you can inspire others to work with you by sharing your hopes and plans. Get the kids involved too, as well as the older folks, and you’ll be amazed at the new sense of pride every family on the block has in their efforts. You’ll also find that the people who helped build all the improvements will keep the areas neat, clean and in use daily.

Pisces:  This could be the time when you implement all those new budgetary efforts, setting a savings plan and perhaps even a modest investment in mutual funds or some other fairly safe stock or bonds. Learn all you can before you tie up your money in any major efforts, however, as markets are still volatile. Get good advice from a team you assemble before pulling funds out to place elsewhere: talk to a stockbroker, your banker, a realtor and a financial advisor if you’re willing to plunge deeply. My advice would be not to sink more money than you can afford to lose in any endeavor, but I am just your astrologer.

Moon changes bring mood changes too. Relax. This too shall pass. – MZ