Not an Easy Task

Many people are currently packing to move, some because of job offers, others wanting to be closer to family or old friends in case yet another pandemic looms on the horizon. How does your Sun Sign deal with the major upheaval of moving? Here are some hints:

Aries: March 21-April 19 

While you tire rather quickly when packing boxes, the idea of a fresh start in another location intrigues you. An Aries is usually a bit restless, finding no real comfort in the same routine week after week, month after month. Instead, they want to be out and about, finding a great new place to eat on the run or indulge in the latest of their many hobbies. An Aries usually doesn’t want to be immured in the countryside, without city attractions, dining and lots of people with which to interact. You’ll find few Aries hermits, the exception being someone with a heavy Pisces influence or very grounded Ascendant.

Taurus: April 20-May 20

A Taurus doesn’t do well with moving, even twice in a lifetime. They really prefer finding their ideal home, either in the ’burbs or actually tucked away amidst farms. If their career requires frequent moves, the Taurus often looks for another career, rather than change homes again. Taurus likes to putter around the house or in the garden, putting their distinctive stamp upon the front flower beds and the entryway. Comfort is the first requirement for a Taurus at home, and even among friends. If friends don’t have plump armchairs and well-stocked refrigerators, Taurus will usually insist meetings or gatherings be held at their house.

Gemini: May 21-June 21

A Gemini would move every week if it were possible, just for a change of view out a new window. They like bright lights and loads of people to talk to while commuting on public transportation. They don’t enjoy fussing with repairs or DIY projects, and will pay someone else to paint, make curtains or install a new backsplash for the kitchen counters. Yardwork also irks most of them, and you may find the sparse look of desert landscaping or rocks and one artistically drooping tree to be their choice of landscaping. They’re very sensitive to air quality, and may move away from smog or other pollution when necessary.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

‘Move’ is definitely a four-letter word to a Moonchild. If they can stay in their childhood home, through inheritance or purchasing it from downsizing parents, a Cancer is supremely happy. Every well-worn threshold or article of furniture holds a memory for them, and they’re reluctant to change things. If the kitchen was painted a sunny yellow in their childhood, so it should remain in their adulthood and even unto senility. They’ll also be committed to paying off the mortgage as soon as possible, and will have a complete schedule of repairs and preventive maintenance that’s indulged in annually.

Leo: July 23-August 22

Buying a bigger house each time a Leo gets a promotion at work is usually the norm for the proud Lion. Each child should have his or her own bedroom, with a den for the family (read that ‘pride’) to watch tv, work on hobbies or play cards included. They may not have the largest house in the subdivision, but it will be furnished nicely and expensively too. Leos like to entertain, and their homes are often a type of background or stage for them to appear at their very best. When robot maids are readily available, expect each Leo household to have two. And a human housekeeper as well, to keep the clanking help on their metallic toes.

Virgo: August 23-September 22

A Virgo will move in order to advance a career; leave noisy, battling neighbors behind, or to be closer to an elderly family member who’s starting to need some help with daily living. Most Virgos keep their homes orderly and clean, but not all. Some have a heavy Libra influence, and if the time set aside for housecleaning gets absorbed by a project for work or a creative endeavor, so be it. Organizing their living space is second nature to a Virgo, but family members may object to alphabetized spice racks and being assigned one color of towels and bed linens in order to facilitate putting laundry away.

Libra: September 23-October 22

Being a Cardinal sign (leadership), a Libra expects to be the one tapped to lead an exodus of the best and brightest associates when the home corporation is establishing a field office. They’ll also want ample relocation funds. They like and enjoy change, but will want a good, solid reason for moving the family to another locale. They have great difficulty in deciding what to take with them and what to discard, and may hire a professional organizer to make many decisions for them. Libra likes balance, and symmetry, and will want a tasteful living room, a kitchen with lots of labor-saving devices, and bedrooms removed from the noise of the household.

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

The sign most likely to be in a witness-protection program may not have much say in where or when they move. If they work for a sensitive government agency that collects data on other people, expect their home to be hard to find and sparsely furnished. They can pick up and move, and leave everything behind except for one small suitcase. They’re not usually sentimental, and someone wanting to keep all of Junior’s refrigerator door ‘art’ will certainly puzzle them. They’ll be happy in either a huge, open loft or a tiny house that they can take with them as they change locations due to career demands.

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

Living in the country is the ideal location for a Sagittarian – but only if it’s a short drive to a fairly large town. Having ample room to collect all the stray animals they want, or let relatives park their RVs for indeterminate amounts of time is a great reason for owning their own homes and acres. The house is usually disheveled (to put it kindly), and may need repairs or updating – you can rescue a Sagittarian from their impulsiveness by arranging for professional housecleaners to come regularly and hiring a reputable handyman to do the things the Sag can’t or won’t do. They may move to larger quarters rather than be forced to clean up.

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

The word ‘move’ contains four letters to a Capricorn. They want a small mansion, on a very quiet street, with well-established landscaping and a gardener who’s worked for the family for years. Nothing too new or in poor taste, thank you. If the house burns down due to some mishap, they’ll rebuild. Don’t expect a Capricorn to give up their home in a divorce; they’ll give up the children first. If you’re ever invited into their domicile, be prepared to see ancestral portraits and antiques handed down through generations, much like a Cancer. Do not spill food or drink while visiting.

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

Who needs a house? Couch-surfing is socially acceptable, and an Aquarius isn’t one to be tied down to a fusty old house with a large mortgage. Changing residences on whim, military order or corporate demand are all matter of fact for an Aquarius. They may backpack through Portugal and stay on as the bartender in a tiny fishing village on the coast. Or live in that legendary garret in Paris, or a cold-water flat in the Bronx (do they still exist?), or above a bowling alley in Pittsburg. Home is where you unpack your last pair of clean socks and the host tells you where the laundry is located, and to grab a snack from the kitchen before you head over there.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

‘Your home is your castle’ is never more true than when a Pisces envisions where and how they want to live. Moving doesn’t enter the picture until the current residence is absolutely uninhabitable, whether from nature’s wrath – flood, earthquake, fire – financial disaster, or something in between. A Pisces tends not to live in the real world anyway, to put it kindly, and if they wish to believe they’re living in a palace, leave them alone. If they’re happy, what’s the harm? Unless, of course, the portcullis gets stuck yet again. In that case, you may have to intervene and convince them not to build the bigger moat they’re longing for – how will UPS deliver?

Hunter-gatherers became homebodies when they domesticated animals and started raising crops. If you wish to follow your genes and live in a cave, that’s your business and no one else’s. – MZ