Oldie but goodie

Other than citing myself as a reference (certainly an ‘oldie but goodie’), I find people eager to learn about astrology but with no real inkling of where to begin. I always recommend looking for a good used copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs in either physical bookstores or on the net. You may not be familiar with her name, but it was her book, published in 1968, that actually brought a huge wave of interest in astrology – and was the first astrology book ever to be on The New York Times bestseller list.

‘Linda Goodman’ was actually her pen name, and Mary Alice Kemery her birth name. She would go on to write five more astrology books and one published posthumously by a close friend.

So, dear reader, for this weekend you have a sleuthing assignment in order to establish a good foundation for your studies among the stars: get thee hence and find a copy of Goodman’s book! You’ll be glad you did. Her writing is refreshing, honest and with a touch of humor, and may launch a lifetime of astrological studies for you.

Good hunting! MZ