Pluto begins its retrograde May 1

NASA representation of Pluto

And now, dear readers, you realize why I was so cavalier, even flippant, about Mercury going retrograde in my last post. Yes, a retrograde Mercury can lead to hair-pulling frustration in dealing with scrambled communications or plane flights, among other inconveniences. But to my way of thinking, a planet in retrograde motion which could affect your basic philosophy of life is more than just slightly important. And you can anticipate changes in your psyche, possibly your personal interactions and most motivations while Pluto retreats from its one degree of Aquarius and goes back into Capricorn in a reprise.

Many of you are aware that Pluto, the smallest planet (I still insist it is a planet, given the influence it has.) takes an extraordinarily long time to traverse its entire orbit. It’s known as the ‘generation planet’ because as it moves slowly through one sign or possibly a portion of a second, it does affect millions of people born during its painstaking path. Many Boomers were born when Pluto was in Leo (atomic energy, anyone?) and also some early Generation X birthdays, before Millennials and Generation Z strode onto the world stage. That’s one reason they think alike.

As a generality, it’s worth noting that once Pluto re-enters Aquarius, the ‘Gray Divorce’ rate may again start going up, as people in their older years decide Archie and Edith Bunker’s battleground is not what they want in their most important relationship, and opt out of marriage at age 65, 70 or even 80’s.

But for now, I’d like to focus on giving you some hints as to very valuable revelations of your mind, values and dreams surfacing from May 1 to October 10, 2023 and how you can gently encourage the same.

If you haven’t started keeping a journal, may I suggest you buy a simple notebook like you used in school, and begin doing a few minutes of introspection at a quiet time of day or evening. Don’t force anything. If your thoughts wander to figuring out what you need from the grocery store, or whether the car’s due for an oil change, that’s okay. Merely sitting with that tempting piece of paper in front of you will likely result in your thoughts gradually becoming more coherent, and emerging in a written form.

Too, bear in mind that a retrograde Pluto happens every year, so this retreat may be very subtle in its initial results. Just be open to having your subconscious surprise you with new thoughts. In order to benefit from this retrograde transit, you’ll be asked to work your way around your insecurities or fear of failure and start envisioning better outcomes for your work, career or retirement, family and relationships. These are some of the thoughts you may record in your journal, as you start unraveling some of the deeper and perhaps forgotten worries from your past. You don’t need to psychoanalyze yourself, but do try to get past the surface of everyday tasks, aggravations and obligations. You have tremendous potential, and Pluto is going to do its best to bring that to your attention – and hold it there, until you start fulfilling some of the rest of your life path.

Trust your intuition. Start working out a better life/career balance, just as the Millennials brought to everyone’s attention as they (and their kids) entered the work force, and found the hardest choices were unpalatable. Face those shadows and realize not everyone is happy in conventional work spaces, places or races. “Do your own thing” as they said in the 70’s, and explore what would make you happier on those paper pages. The best thing when looking at new situations and lifestyles is always to make a plan. If that plan doesn’t feel right, tear out those sheets of paper and start on another one. You can work out things on paper certainly better than you can trying to ‘wing it’ at any critical juncture.

Secrets may be brought forward, or old grudges and resentments raise their ugly heads to disturb your equanimity. Work with your personal belief system, and discard what you know in your heart to be ‘left over’ from childhood trauma, a bad relationship or various insecurities. We all have hidden weaknesses – and more strength than we realize to overcome them.

Courage! Look for broader horizons and bright, shining chances to turn your life into new channels. Avoid falling into the same old thought patterns and start being good to the one person you’ll have with you for all time – yourself. Take a short walk in the open air every day if possible and learn relaxation techniques. Gently move yourself away from people who aren’t good for you, who discourage you or want to keep you at their melancholy level. Face your feelings honestly and believe, really believe, you’ve done the best you could in previous circumstances. Now begin a better, happier life – and yes, you deserve it.