This year grows short. But New Year’s Eve, nor New Year’s Day has never seemed the right time for me to set forth goals for the coming year. Perhaps you have somewhat the same view.

I prefer to catch a quiet hour, somewhere in the week between the major celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and this year of 2023, and reflect upon the year past and what I want to accomplish in the 365 days ahead.

2022 seemed a year of disruptions and interruptions; often completely destroying schedules or plans made weeks in advance. It was hard to get people to understand that my time may seem unstructured, but there are ‘wheels within wheels’ as Psmith always maintained. I prefer to WFH. But that doesn’t mean I was available to watch for the repairman, or join someone on a shopping trip for no other reason than they were bored, or help someone with a project they should have completed months ago.

This year, may I suggest that you, too, insist on your right to some quiet time. We’ve all undergone extensive stresses, with the pandemic, the financial situation, inflation, the elections, odd weather situations. And we all need some time to process what has happened in our lives due to the sometimes overwhelming demands of family, a lover, a child, even aged or ill pets.

May you have that time to reflect, and to realize that 2023 may be a period of finally clearing away much of the debris from past events and carefully preparing for a grand re-emergence of you, yourself, in a fabulously successful new form.