And that’s what I would term this entire situation. Six planets retrograde at one and the same time. Utterly ridiculous. If I knew where to send the paperwork, I’d file a complaint.

Thank the stars themselves that Mercury, at least, goes direct this Sunday, October 2, 2022. But Jupiter remains retrograde in Aries, receding until nearly Thanksgiving Day. Saturn is retrograde until October 23, 2022. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the slowest of the planets in their orbits around the Sun, are retrograde, until January 22, 2023 for Uranus; December 4, 2022 for Neptune and October 8, 2022 for Pluto.

So, dear readers, if you’re wondering why communications have been skewed, to say the least, blame Mercury. If your finances and benevolent inclinations have been in the shadows recently, blame Jupiter. Saturn, that old curmudgeon, still wields the lash regarding responsibilities and duty until the last week of next month.

Uranus can’t manage to pick up the pace until the first month of next year, so put off enrolling in those astrology classes until summer. Neptune goes direct before Christmas, which is a nice gift for Pisces folk, and Pluto resumes its inexorable trudge through Capricorn, while most of us are simply trying to make sense of it all.

The best thing you can do, during this turbulent time, is to remind yourself that things often have to go completely to pieces before you can pick them up and get closer to your real heart’s desire. If you’re in a fairly secure place, if you’re meeting your bills and eating regularly, then be sure to spend time daily voicing your gratitude to whatever Higher Being you rely on and keep doing what you’re doing for the next weeks. If you want, you can quietly continue getting rid of clutter, throwing out old recipes, finally sewing that quilt or building the storage unit you’ve been ‘meaning to’ for years. Now’s a good time to look up each of the retrograde planets and determine which of its rulerships or reactions to its transit fit your chart and personality. That way, the next time any of them go retrograde, you’ll have the knowledge to deal with it; maybe even a game plan laid out.

Blessings upon you and courage, for this too shall pass.

Makes you wonder if somehow the earth isn’t round any longer, but an intricate Rubik’s Cube with planes intersecting fiercely and with sharp pointed corners.   – MZ