Snippett Zone – Counting words


by Timothy Brady

Snippett, He, she, it is an amalgamation of a being who is all genders and genderless. Snippet thinks in short brief excerpts of thought and mind.

Snippett – the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. He, she, it lies at the pit of human fears and the summit of mankind’s knowledge. His, her’s, it’s knowledge is a unique place of numerical coordinates. It is an area which we call the Snippett Zone.

There’s nothing wrong with your computer…

We are controlling transmission. For the next few minutes, sit quietly and we will control all that you read. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe, mystery, and imagination which comes from writing.

Don’t count your words, writers already have that covered- Snippitt

Just a quick reminder, don’t make a writer angry, they can have you killed off in the next chapter.

“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs is making a chore for the reader who reads.” – Dr. Seuss

Record your life through writing – this is something only you can do, leaving your history for others to inscribe can’t guarantee it correctness or that it will be in your voice. – Snippitt

©2020 Timothy D. Brady