So, why are you doing this?

That may be a question you have about these blogs and bits of writing, so here’s my attempt at explaining something we don’t fully understand ourselves.

We’re writing blogs (these among others) and vignettes, prose, poems or exploratory thoughts to challenge ourselves: to write better, to hone our craft, to search for just the right phrase that eludes any writer frustratingly often. The small fees requested go for hosting costs etc. – the usual expenses of reaching people interested in something quirky or perhaps eccentric. We need to let readers like you know there’s something strange and innovative here to read.

We want to explore new genres for each of us, possibly venturing into other creative outlets as well, and certainly going on to short story collections and novels. I want to create my own book covers using collage, and try illustrations within my books. Adults enjoy looking at ideas too, so why should kids be the only ones with illustrated books? If grown-ups didn’t like looking at interpretations of events, or thoughts, or others’ fantastic conceptions, art galleries and exhibitions …  wouldn’t exist.

Actors can’t refine their skills without being on stage or without an audience to guide them. Writers can’t refine their skills without you, a reader, and you, and you, telling us what you liked, where we missed a vital point or lucidly expressed a concept.

So please feel our sincere invitation to join us as we venture out, flashlights and climbing gear at the ready. Let us know if we write about or touch on a subject you like or even a startled “That’s what I was thinking last Tuesday!”

Thank you for reading our works. Stay attuned. There’s more to come.